Help us provide free science and engineering education for all motivated students through mentorship!

  1. Scientific and engineering education available in most schools does not necessarily satisfy the ambitions and capabilities of advanced high school students.
  2. Available extracurricular activities are competitive, and not collaborative, and cover a narrow set of topics.
  3. Students from smaller communities do not get the same opportunities as their peers from larger cities. The quality of teaching varies depending on the school/teacher.
  4. Information and resources available on the Internet (Coursera, Udemy, YouTube) are not accompanied by mentorship and practical work.

Annual series of camps „Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”


To participate in the annual series, all high school students from the region can apply. The selection is based on motivation and prior knowledge.

Theoretical lectures

Lectures are held by experts from the academy and industry in the field of artificial intelligence, electronics, physics, computer science. The content is adapted to high school students.

Practical work

Practical workshops and camps that offer teamwork on projects with the mentorship of experienced engineers and students of technical sciences are a key part of the annual series of PFE.

PFE is a non-profit organization made up of students of technical faculties (ETF, FTN, RAF, EPFL) and experts from the industry (Microsoft, Google, NVIDIA) with extensive experience in working with high school students through similar programs, as well as guest lecturers from prestigious academic institutions. You can find out more about the team here.

Donate by bank transfer to the account of the PFE association and thus participate in improving education in Serbia and the region. Your donation will be used to purchase equipment necessary for work, provide accommodation and food, daily allowances and travel expenses necessary for quality work and other purposes that are part of the operating costs of the association.

Use the QR code for the payment slip or by direct payment to the account.

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