We have started cooperation with the Infostud Group!

Logo of the Infostud Group alongside the PFE logo in the bottom left corner.

Our goal to provide free scientific and engineering education through mentoring for all motivated students from the whole region would be impossible without huge support from supporting companies. Among the first to support us was the Infostud Group, for which we express our great gratitude.

Infostud Group is one of the largest internet companies in Serbia that runs businesses in the fields of automotive, employment, real estate and insurance. The sites poslovi.infostud.com and polovniautomobili.com are leaders in the employment and automotive market. The company is based in Subotica, with offices in Belgrade as well. Infostud Group currently employs more than 280 people, and you can find more information about them on their website.

Besides strengthening the group, they also invest in the economic development of Serbia. That is why they are implementing a number of activities aimed at improving IT entrepreneurship. They founded Infostud Hub in Subotica, but they are also the initiators of Subotica 2030, which brings together several technology companies and educational institutions. Also, Infostud Group, together with eight other technology companies, is one of the founders of Digital Serbia Initiative, which aims to achieve a fast and successful digital transformation of our country.

If you want to support us as well, for more information on why your support is extremely important to us and how you can do it, please visit the Donations page or contact us at kontakt@pfe.rs

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