Microsoft Development Center Serbia supports our activities this year

Microsoft Development Center Serbia and PFE logos

PFE team was joined by the Microsoft Development Center Serbia as a sponsor of our camps and with their generous support helped us achieve our goal of free science and engineering education to motivated students from the entire region.

Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS) was founded in 2005, as the forth global Microsoft Development Center at that time, and it originally employed only a handful of people. The Belgrade team developed the first character recognition system for Cyrillic alphabet, which was the start of AI in Serbia. Today, MDCS employs over 600 people divided into seven engineering teams (Azure Data Team, Office Team, Office Media Group Team, Mixed Reality Team, Havok Team, Maps Team and Math Team) which are working on developing some of most important Microsoft products. The development center in Serbia is now recognised within Microsoft as one of the most important in Europe. While it started as a purely engineering team, it now includes employees from different fields to cover the entire business lifecycle - from start of idea, through evangelization, and customer support.

MDCS has been evolving as Microsoft’s most innovative engineering campus in Europe and is composed of enthusiastic and creative teams and individuals that create Microsoft’s pioneering software services and products. Diversity and inclusion are some of the key values of the company. Teams are made of people with various vocational backgrounds, education, cultures, perspectives, and opinions.

You can find more about the MDCS, open positions, internship programs, and company culture here.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank the MDCS team on their extensive support to enable free quality education which they gave us from day one. If you are thinking about supporting our cause, you can find more information why we need your support and how you can provide it here or you can contact us at

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