Tenstorrent is a new PFE partner

Tenstorrent and PFE logos

We are proud to announce that Tenstorrent is joining us as a new sponsor of our activities. Tenstorrent, as a leading company in the field of processor technologies, recognizes the importance of scientific and engineering education and wants to support our goal of providing free education for all motivated students from the entire region. This support enables us to continue working on educating future leaders in our fields and bringing them closer to the latest technological achievements. Thank you Tenstorrent for recognizing the importance of our work and for joining us in achieving this goal!

Tenstorrent is a next-generation company developing computers for AI applications, including:

  • chips – parallel dataflow processors for executing machine learning algorithms and RISC-V CPUs,
  • SDK – compilers and other system software tools, and
  • systems – ranging from single-chip PCI-E cards to multi-server rack-sized computers with hundreds of chips.

Based in Toronto (Canada) and with offices in Belgrade, Texas, Silicon Valley and India, Tenstorrent brings together experts in computer architecture, ASIC chip design, advanced computer systems, software engineering, compilers and machine learning.

Tenstorrent was founded in 2016 by Ljubiša Bajić, Ivan Hamer and Miloš Trajković. The Belgrade office was opened in December 2021 with the aim of attracting the best engineers in Serbia from the above areas. After a year of work, the Belgrade office employs 26 people in 4 teams, who develop critical parts of Tenstorrent chips, software tools and systems.

More about the company, our technology, products and open positions can be found at: tenstorrent.com.

We would like to thank the Tenstorrent team for the huge support to provide quality and free additional education, which we have been receiving from the first day, and if you also want to support us, for more information on why your support is extremely important to us and how you can do it, please visit the Donations page or contact us at kontakt@pfe.rs.

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