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Science and Engineering Center „PFE”

Non-profit organisation that offers free informal education to motivated high school students in the fields of artificial intelligence, robotics, applied physics, computer science, and related fields through practical work and mentorship of leading experts in the field.

Our mission is to provide free scientific and engineering education for all motivated students through mentorship.

Modern fields of work

We are engaged in a wide variety of engineering disciplines, from traditional electronics, through robotics, to the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

Professional team

Our team consists of experts from world leading companies in the field, as well as professors and teaching assistants from relevant universities.


We believe that knowledge should be freely accessible to everyone, therefore we keep participation in our programs free of charge. However, we have limited capacity and therefore limited number of participants on our camps.

Productive and collaborative environment

By participating in PFE camps, you will meet peers with similar interests from around the region which encourage each other to further develop their skills through teamwork and share their knowledge and interests.

Exploring new interests

Introducing applicants to new areas and projects helps them expand their horizons, and find new interests that they might want to take up in the future.

Continental supports PFE!

Continental supports PFE!

The goal of providing free scientific and engineering education through mentoring for all motivated students from the whole region would not be possible without the huge support of partnering companies. Read more...

Annual series of camps

Djordje and Diana putting something together

Selection of participants

For participation in the annual series of camps „Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”, all high school students from the region can apply. Participant selection is based on enthusiasm and curiosity.


Lectures are given by experts from academy and industry in artificial intelligence, electronics, applied physics, computer science and related fields. The content is adapted to high school participants.
More about the program

Dragan adjusting the oscilloscope

Practical work

Scientific and engineering education available in many schools, as well as information available on the internet (Coursera, Udemy, YouTube) often do not come with practical exercises. At PFE camps, participants apply theoretical knowledge through practical work.
Explore more about the fields we work in


Essential to the annual PFE series is the mentorship provided by experienced engineers and technical science students during practical workshops and collaborative projects.
Get to know our team

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Senior associates


Participants from the region

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