Continental supports PFE!

Continental logo and PFE

The goal of providing free scientific and engineering education through mentoring for all motivated students from the whole region would not be possible without the huge support of partnering companies. We are proud that the company Continental, as one of the world leaders in the automotive industry, supported our work through a monetary donation and a donation of 20 laptops that will significantly improve the quality of our future camps.

Continental has been present in Serbia since 2012, when it opened a factory of automotive parts in Subotica. Since 2017, a research and development center has been operating in Novi Sad, where over 750 engineers work on the development of the most innovative technologies for the automotive industry. With projects in the field of electronic devices for vehicle cabins and systems for autonomous driving, Continental is one of the largest employers in the engineering sector of the automotive industry in the country. The company develops a wide range of products such as dashboards, radars, cameras, control units for remote monitoring of vehicle position and parameters, access systems based on the use of smartphones, steering assemblies for controlling electrical systems in the vehicle, as well as systems for highly autonomous driving of passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In addition, a factory that will produce dashboards, as well as systems for displaying information and multimedia content on screens, has recently been opened in Novi Sad. You can read more about the company, their products and open positions on their website.

The company representatives visited us in Tršić during our last camp (news post available in Serbian only) and on that occasion, in addition to the laptops they gave us, they also provided appropriate gifts for our participants. We would like to thank them immensely for the donations and hope that our cooperation will continue in the future.

A collage of photos showing camp participants with Continental gifts and a representative of the company.
Photo: PFE

You can find more about the other partners and sponsors of PFE on the Support page, and if you wish to support us, for more information on why your support is extremely important to us and how you can do it, please visit the Donations page, or contact us at

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