Applications for the “Artificial Intelligence and Robotics” camps

We are the Science and Engineering Center „PFE” - a non-profit organization, formed in order to provide talented and motivated high school students with a chance for free informal education in a wide range of engineering fields. If any of our fields looks interesting to you, and you’re exploring those fields and looking for a way to learn more about them through practical experience, we invite you to apply for our annual series of camps „Artificial Intelligence and Robotics”.

Is this camp for me?

Through the annual series of camps and mentoring program, we follow your development and want to help you, just the way that suits you, to discover new interests, improve your scientific and engineering skills, and find your way in further education and career.

We strive for our group to have students with different interests and from different backgrounds, so the application is open to all high school students from the region. By participating in our camps, you will meet many peers who have interests similar to yours, but are perhaps from a completely different environment and possess different skills and knowledge. Mutual encouragement to develop your skills further through teamwork and sharing of knowledge, experiences and solving new challenges is an important part of our camps.

We believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone, so participation in our programs is free of charge. If you want to see what the camps looked like in previous years, you can check out the gallery, read the news (Serbian-only) or check out our posts on Instagram or Facebook.

The camp is held in Serbian!

What level of knowledge do I need to participate?

Previous knowledge in the field of electrical engineering, mathematics, physics or programming is not necessary to participate in the camps. It is important that you show curiosity, motivation and perseverance, and our associates will make sure to enable you to move your personal achievements one level higher in everything else.

As the camp is held in Serbian, knowledge of Serbian (or similar languages) is required.

When and where will we meet?

One cycle of camps that you are applying for consists of three camps, which are held live at the Vuk Karadžić Scientific, Educational and Cultural Center in Tršić, and one online workshop. They are of different duration and are scheduled throughout the year, so that there is time for independent progress and, of course, regular activities of every high school student. You can see the dates of this year’s cycle and more details about the activities themselves on the page with our program.

Additional information and questions

For more about our team of associates, the camps you are applying for, where and how they will be held, and everything else, you can take a look at our info documentation attached below. We recommend that you study it well together with your parent/guardian, in order to get to know us better. If you have any questions, first check the FAQ section below.

Info documentation (only available in Serbian)

How do I apply?

For filling out the application form, you need to have a Google account. If you don’t have one, check out this YouTube video on how to create one. If you don’t want to create a Google account, send us an email to so we can send you an alternative way to fill out the application.

After you have a Google account, you can start filling out the application form. The form automatically saves your answers, so you can pause filling it out at any time and come back later by clicking on the link to the form. The application form contains many questions (around 50), so don’t want for the last minute to fill it out!

If you have not passed our cycle of camps so far, you are applying for the category of new participants.

Application form (only available in Serbian)

You can send your application until 8 December 2023 at 11 PM, and by no later than 15 January 2024 you will find out if your application has been accepted.


Reference is a way to hear about you from those who know you best. Reference is not a mandatory item in the application, but we encourage you to talk to teachers/mentors/lecturers who work with you during school and extracurricular activities, send them a link to the reference form and ask them to get to know you from their point of view.

Reference form (only available in Serbian)

Frequently asked questions

We know that our application process does not always go smoothly, so below we have highlighted some frequently asked questions and problems you may encounter when applying for our camps. As we notice other frequently asked questions, we will try to add them to this section!

What does it mean that the camps are „free of charge”?
The costs of accommodation, food, as well as the content of the camps are completely free of charge thanks to numerous friends of the association.
When are the camps held?
The exact dates of the camps will be known after we announce the list of invited participants. The approximate dates are on the program page.
I have a Google account but I can’t fill out the form.
Check if you are logged in to your Google account.
I have already started filling out the form but I do not see my answers.
Check that you have not started filling out the form on another Google account. You can check your current account at the top of the form, and change it in the same place if you want.
How do I know that the application has been successfully submitted?
An email will be sent to the Google account from which the form was filled out confirming that your response has been successfully recorded. After the applications are over, all candidates will receive an email to the contact address provided in the form as confirmation of a successful application.
I can’t upload a file to the form.
It may be that the space on the account from which you are filling out is completely occupied. Try to free up some space on Google Drive, or, if that doesn’t work, try filling out the form through another Google account.
Do you have a program for elementary school students and students?
We do not have programs for elementary school students, but our associates also participate in camps of organizations with which we cooperate. For students, we have a „Practical Seminar in Machine Learning” (PSIML), which is held once a year during the summer. For more information, visit the seminar website.

Has your question not been answered here or in the info documentation? Feel free to contact us via email or social networks and we will try to answer you as soon as possible!